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When it comes to weddings, we have a lot to say. We’re passionate about curating beautiful and meaningful micro weddings and elopements for our lovely clients. We’re just as passionate about offering advice and sharing inspiration. Read our blogs for insights into planning your own (tiny) big day that’s fun-filled and totally unique.

Romance and Reality: Ante Nuptial Contracts

A marriage requires a continuous balance of romance and reality: The Ante Nuptial Contract. Amidst the romantic flurry of wedding planning, and before you say your 'I do's' it's essential to consider the real legal matters that will shape your marital journey.  It is important to understand Ante Nuptial Contracts. Wether you think you want or need to sign one, informing yourself about the pros and cons of ANCs, and each type is vital for safeguarding the financial health of your union.  Unstable marital financial health can obviously lead to poor marital emotional health. And thus it's key to have...
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Wedding Celebrants Celebrate! Marriage Officers Officiate!

When people discuss wedding planning, they usually enquire about the venue, dress, number of guests and honeymoon plans! The ceremony itself is an afterthought, or likely not given a thought at all!  It is seen as a box to tick before getting to the ‘good part’ of the day.  Flowers and menus are chosen months, even years prior, and the ceremony style or choice of marriage officer comes behind the aesthetic details. Sound familiar? Until fairly recently wedding ceremonies followed a typical pattern, and were usually led by a religious minister according to the structures and traditions of their or...
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Valentine’s Pop Up Weddings 2023

Valentine's Pop Up Weddings 2023 Are you an adventurous couple? Not keen on cookie cutter wedding? Ready to avoid dancing with Great Aunt Mildred and the massive debt of a big fat wedding? We've got ya! One day of gorgeous, fun, unique, HAPPY (legal!) and affordable weddings! Enjoy some insta And have a read over our offer below. Then call me!  Quick, only 5 spots ... 082 376 1575. Or drop me a line here. Let's do this thing! VALENTINE’S POP UP WEDDINGS 2023    
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Let’s talk about wedding vows

Our couples overwhelmingly choose to write and recite their own wedding vows, and I do love a personalised promise.  But I’m not in the business of telling couples what they should or shouldn't do on their big day!  Instead I’ll offer some guidance as to how to approach writing your wedding vows should you be undecided and a little nervy about it all!   Agree on basic tone, format and length with your partner.  If your partner is going to go for light, teasing and funny.  And you offer up a Shakespearian-standard ode to the magnificence of your union, the...
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