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Hassle free hitchin'

A registry office shindig may have crossed your mind - shudder. DON'T DO THAT! It's not the only option to avoid a crowd.
A mini-mony with We Do Weddings is a versatile offer, focussed on getting you hitched without hassle, in a hurry if needed.  This service is offered in a beautiful suburban Sandton, Johannesburg garden, and includes venue hire, an Insta-worthy arch, cake stand, cutlery and crockery, water, ice, a cooler, and glasses! BYOB. Cheers to that!   

Legal Paperwork only?  We can do that!

Midi secular ceremony, including vow and ring exchanges, and a little personalisation. Yas!  

Signature, one-of-a-kind secular ceremony crafted by an experienced marriage officer around your specific love story from meet-cute to happily-ever after.  We'd LOVE to!  If you'd like to enhance your experience we can add flowers, photography and a delish cake.  

Check out our Little Easy mini-mony packages HERE.

**Marriage Officer services are not necessarily coupled with our packages.  Ask me more HERE. Sandton based, will travel for love!** 

** Secular = non religious **

** All services include the lodging of your marriage with the Department of Home Affairs **

Intimate Wedding


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