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Everything you need for a heartfelt (tiny) big day if you choose the Big Easy package during 2023 is included for just R29 800 ex VAT.

The Little Easy packages starts at only R 2 500, ex VAT for a legal signing.

A vow and ring exchange (including legal signing) is offered at R3 500, ex VAT

And a bespoke ceremony, vow and ring exchange and legal signing is R 5 500, ex VAT.

Each package offers enhancements you may wish to add increasing the flair of your day!

Receptions are planned and billed separately. No third party bookings or enquiries can be made until our contract is signed and a deposit received

The peace of mind you get from only dealing with one vendor, me(!): priceless!

YAS! Please check out the Little Easy package HEREWe travel for love too!  Let's chat!

Our three core objectives for your micro wedding are beauty, stress-free-ness, (what's a better way to say that!?) And affordability.

The ‘menu’ model keeps things affordable and stress-free. Your choices are clearly laid out so you don’t get weighed down by nitty-gritty that takes focus from what you are actually, doing: declaring your love and commitment to your partner.  This also cuts down on consulting costs related to wedding planning. 

Polly, our vintage teardrop camper acts as a pop-up 'chapel', drinks bar and gorgeous photo backdrop at our Big Easy weddings.  With Polly as our base, we avoid many of those pesky venue hire fees.

One thing we’ll never cut down on is the beauty of your (tiny) big day. We achieve gorgeous results by working with an established team of super-talented officiants, florists, photographers and bakers.  As we work together so frequently we are all 'on the same page', and you'll enjoy quality results while saving time and cash on hours of expensive briefings and consultations.

To this end, to keep the model working, no third party bookings or queries can be made until our contract has been signed and deposit received.

Little Easy weddings are hosted in my lush garden in Sandton.  See our Insta highlight of the same name for images.

The Big Easy caters for ten, (eight guests and yourselves) and extra guests are very welcome at R380 a head to cover the hiring of chairs, a larger cake, more bubbles, and some extra logistical costs.  We prefer a max of around 30 people at our Big Easy weddings to retain the very special mood of a micro wedding.

Little Easy weddings generally include the couple, two witnesses (or we can do this for you), and two more guests for a total of six.  Additional guests, up to about 10, are charged at R150 a head.

You have a choice of eight very unique and lovely venues. Pop back to our DETAILS page HERE, to find info on them all and links to their sites.  It is also useful to chat through the nuances of each.  Some are totally private.  Some are better suited to more, or less people.  Some are good for summer, some for cooler weather. Some offer catering, some not...

ALL are gorgeous and managed by super nice, efficient peeps.

Drop us a line HERE and let us know if you have an alternate venue in mind.  We love a road trip and the intimacy of mobile micro wedding or elopement at home can't be beat!

We've said it once or twice, or perhaps even more....  On your wedding day, you do you!

So if you're keen to head home and hug your dog after your ceremony, want a McDonalds, or to treat your guests to an upmarket restaurant meal, GO FOR IT!  And if you'd like to hang out at your ceremony venue and enjoy a meal there, we've got you covered.

The Vineyard, Casalinga, River Bank and City Street venues all offer on site catering. We can provide you this detail and guide you in your choices. 

Beechwood and The Barn do not offer their own catering, so we step in here.  Give us a shout and we'll gladly forward our menu and table decor details. The Barn has a gorgeous long 'stoep' for dining.  They have a lovely event room too but it's quite large, so suits a generous sized crowd.  Beechwood has a number of dining spaces to suit various sized crowds and as a premium venue, it attracts a hiring surcharge.

Victoria Yards, our Industrial Garden has a soooper cool dive bar on site, and a fish and chip shop but doesn't lend itself to a traditional reception meal.

As with our ceremony offer, clear choices at sensible prices are key to the celebratory events we manage. Cheers to that.

FLOWERS: Florals are purchased direct from market to ensure ultimate freshness, variety and bang for buck.  Seasonal flowers are arranged to your chosen colour palette and each vase and bouquet is exciting and unique.  Our socials are the best place to check our quality and style.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Are vitally important, we know!  That's why we work with a team of peeps who are not only fabulous photographers, but superb humans too and who will guide you seamlessly and comfortably through your shoot.

See Tash from Papercut Love Stories HERE.

Max is part of our photography team and her husband, Damian, is a skilled videographer, should you wish to capture your day in motion too.  

Sally and Cam from That Other Couple are also a husband and wife duo.  Book Sally for your pics, and Cam for a vid (should you want to add one).

Marzaan's stunning portfolio is found HERE, Anandi's portfoio is HERE, and you can view Misha's (Durban based so not always available for Jozi nuptials) portfolio HERE.

You will enjoy 90 mins of photography to cover your ceremony, friends and family, couples and portrait shots.  We catch well over 100 moments in that time, but you can add an extra hour should you want some getting ready or behind the scenes pics.  You'll have a sneak peak in about ten days, and your edited file in about eight weeks, depending on the season.  Prints and photo books can be ordered directly from most photographers. 

Micro weddings and elopements by their nature are very ceremony focused.  And we are very focussed on getting you hitched in a way that works for you.  This means you have lots, and lots of say in the tone you'd like to set.

Big Easy weddings: You steer the ship with regards to your ceremony being secular or religious.  A  Zoom meeting with your officiant prior is available to you.  We have secular and Christian officiants on our team.

Little Easy Ceremonies are secular only. The service includes a message, vow and ring exchange and a little personalisation.

Little Easy Signature Ceremonies, are also secular, are highly personalised and custom written to your particular love story. Recommended, for sure...

Signature ceremonies can also be offered at a venue of your choice, not necessarily couples with our packages.

Big Easy: Yes!  This is your special day, and the ceremony is the most important part of it.  Having said that, we know you’ll love our officiants!

The Little Easy is planned and priced around a secular service delivered by our team only.

If you are both South African citizens you need:

- A copy of both IDs

- 3 x colour ID photos each

- A copy of your two witness IDs or passports

 - A copy of divorce or death decrees of previous spouses, if applicable.

Note: If you're entering into an ante-nuptial agreement, we will need a letter from your lawyer to that effect.

If one or both of you is NOT a South African citizen:

Please check the descriptor in your green ID under the barcode if in doubt.

- A copy of the SA citizen's ID

- A copy of the front page of the foreigner's passport

- A copy of the visa page of the foreigner's passport

-  Letter of non impediment - a letter from your country stipulating that there are no impediments to you marrying

Make sure your Visa is valid and up-to-date!

You will also need:

 - 3 x colour ID photos each

 - A copy of your two witness's IDs or passports.

  - A copy of divorce or death decrees of previous spouses, if applicable

Note: The foreigner/s needs to sign a BI-31 affidavit with the SAPS which verifies that you do not have a South African ID and will be using your international passport as a means of documentation. It also states that you understand that by marrying a South Africa citizen you will not automatically qualify for SA citizenship.

Note: British authorities do not supply a letter of non-impediment to South Africa.  If you are a British Citizen, you will need a sworn affidavit via a lawyer, stating that you are not married and that you know of no legal impediment to your intended marriage to a South African. 

Note: Both of you will need to attend an interview with an immigration officer at the Dept of Home Affairs. A booking must be made in person, by BOTH of you, and the subsequent appointment must be attended by BOTH of you. Take your ID or passport to make the booking. If we are marrying you, this appt must be made at the Randburg DHA.

**Any foreign documents must be translated into English.

Remember that you need two witnesses at your ceremony.  Should you be eloping, we can likely arrange witnesses on your behalf.  

No.  ANC's are completed with attorneys prior to your marriage. There is a govermment set tariff to write these up, so no great need to shop around too much.  But we strongly recommend that you do sign one.  See a little more info about ANC's here.

You will receive your official Abridged Marriage Certificate (DHA – 27) on your wedding day. This is a hand written document and must be kept very safe!  This doc is used in the course of normal life South African life to prove your marriage.

An Unabridged Marriage Certificate is issued by any Home Affairs office and can be applied for directly.  Most South Africans don't ever need this version.  But couples who intend to register their marriage internationally or need to prove the detail of their marriage internationally may require an unabridged certificate. You must apply for this at the DHA in person, and can do so about a month after your ceremony. Please collect a copy of the marriage register from me (the big book you sign in!), in order to do this. 

YES! Myself, and my team are all legally registered with the Dept of Home Affairs.  We will register your marriage on your behalf with the DHA.  No need for you to attend to do that.  Only to change your name or apply for an unabridged certificate, if applicable to you. 

Of course.  We celebrate all love.

In South Africa marriage is governed by the Marriage Act of 1961 and the Civil Union Act of 2006.  The Civil Union Act enables same-sex marriage and gives it the same legal weight as marriages under the Marriage Act. 

Yay, to that.

As long as you have your paperwork ready and you’re flexible regarding venues, we can pull together a gorgeous Bog Easy micro wedding or elopement in just a few days. Yay to our fuss-free 'menu' of options! We’re proud to simplify wedding planning and reduce your stress without compromising on loveliness!

Little Easy weddings can be pulled together in a couple of hours, subject to our availability. 

Yas! Head over to Google reviews.  We've had some lovely ones....   Blushing....!

And a bit of lovely press...

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