Weddings and Covid 19

June 26, 2020   | 

Countless couples have been left emotionally devastated and financially out of pocket as their 2020 wedding plans have been scuppered by the dreaded Corona. And guests used to attending weddings weekend after weekend in ‘normal’ times have been left with blank diaries, new party dresses hanging with their tags on and no idea when ‘normal’ will return, if ever, to the wedding industry. The pandemic and the global social-distancing policies that have been put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 have effectively ruled out large gatherings for the foreseeable future.

En masse, weddings have been dramatically postponed, putting more pressure on the 2021 ‘season’, potentially escalating costs in an already overpriced sector and all without any certainty that restrictions on gathering will in fact have been lifted.  Some couples have lost jobs or been forced into pay cuts and others feel that it’s no longer socially responsible to spend lavishly on a wedding when so much medical and economic suffering is around us.

That doesn’t mean that love in all its forms should not be celebrated! If anything, Corona has taught us to reach out for moments of joy and that they can come from the simplest of gestures or moments and this is evidenced by the huge uptake in elopements which we love!  Elopements are planned to be so unique to each couple and with no need to bow to any family pressure, you really can do ‘you’, on this all important day.

Photo courtesy of: Shell Creek Photography

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