Tips for planning an eco-conscious wedding

July 27, 2021   | 

Perhaps you think an eco conscious wedding is only for hippies and vegans? Or that it is a good idea, but overwhelming or not compatible with a beautiful, vibrant wedding?
It’s not, not and not!

The key to most challenges is to just get started. So please find eight, not too onerous, tips here to help you to create your eco-conscious wedding and make a little difference, or a lot. You do, you.

1. Hire a venue that has eco-creds (do they recycle, use solar or actively compost?) or host it outdoors! Vineyards, rivers, farms and city streets all make interesting backdrops which require little additional decor or set up. Our mobile micro weddings are perfect for the eco conscious-couple. The great outdoors is our backdrop and Polly the focal point! Click though for our venue selection HERE.

2. Think about the size of your guest list. Whilst even large ballroom type wedding plans can include eco conscious steps, it stands to reason that the less guests, the less excess and the less eco damage you will create. Our tiny weddings are best suited to 20 guests or so. By limiting numbers and amping style we really harness the intimacy of the occasion.

3. Choose eco-friendly paper invitations or opt for virtual ones.
Consider recycled paper, seed-infused invitations. Growing Paper offers lovely ones, or go completely digital by choosing from our suite of fun options. Drop us a line here to see our selection.

4. Create an eco-conscious registry
Your wedding is a perfect time to upgrade some of your hand-me-down or student bought appliances and kitchen equipment for greener versions, or ask your guests to donate to a charity in your name.

5. Buy ethical wedding rings
Leo starred in the blood diamond movie almost 15 years ago and the industry is still in a mess. If you want to ensure that you wear a conflict free diamond consider Moissanite. It is created in a lab, so you don’t have to worry about harming the earth. The best part? Moissanite stones look exactly like real diamonds and cost a whole lot less. Have a look at Auterra for wonderful selection of eco-conscious jewellery. As well as Janine Binneman Designs. and Danielle Camera.
You can also consider an antique or vintage ring, working with designers who specialise in re-used metals from computers and watches, or re-using previously loved precious metals of your own.

6. Choosing eco-friendly clothing
It is totes possible to enjoy a gorgeous wedding dress that is kinder to the earth. Consider the sustainability of the fabric it’s made from. Consider a pre-loved dress, a style you may be able to dye or wear again, or renting one.
Unless black tie events are regularly part of your social life (are they part of anyone’s any more?!), buying your guy a tux is likely not a good spend. Save your money and the planet by renting a tux, or buy a suit or jacket and pants set that he will definitely wear again. Men can, and should also consider the fabric their wedding outfit is made from.

Dried flowers are a wonderful way to embrace an eco conscious wedding, whilst not affecting beautiful aesthetics.
Image courtesy of The Gorgeous Shop.

7. Reuse flowers or opt for everlastings.
Yes, it’s a fancy word for dried flowers, but everlasting flowers are now produced in beautiful vibrant colours, that won’t droop, curl or fade for months and thus can be used in your home after your eco-conscious wedding day is over. Or, re-use your bouquet as table decor at your reception, or a bridesmaid’s posy to decorate the cake. Potted orchids, roses, and succulents also make great decor and can obviously be enjoyed for months to come.

8. Biodegradable confetti
Traditional confetti is made out of micro plastics and can wash away into storm drains and end up in river systems and the ocean where they damage aquatic life. Freeze dried confetti petals are vibrant and available in a variety of colours. They do not stain, or become slippery if wet. Mother nature will disperse them within days so they are idea for use at an eco-conscious wedding!

Even a tiny step can make impact long term, so if you can only embrace a few of these tips. Still go for it! The earth, and your future children will thank you!

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