Sequel wedding – Huh?

July 1, 2020   | 

There are few aspects to our lives that have not been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and weddings are obviously one!   Some couples had always planned on a tiny wedding and are moving forward unhindered towards their intimate wedding day. Others have been attracted to tiny weddings as a way to honour their original date.  Or perhaps they just wish to be married already, damn it!  Still others have had to re-think their plans for big bash as losses due to a previous cancelation or their own new economic circumstances just don’t allow it any longer.  Enter: The sequel wedding.  What on earth is that?  A sequel wedding is a large celebration to be hosted at some future date which may include some of the bridal couple’s original plans, or may just be a big bash, to be planned and executed down the line when times are more certain. Simple as that!

Though the prevalence has increased sharply due to Covid, sequel weddings have actually always had a place.

  • Second marriages: many couples enjoy an intimate ceremony for their second wedding, and a larger ‘party’, rather than ‘wedding’ vibe with friends
  • Destination weddings: these, by their nature, often exclude those who can’t travel, thus a second event is popular for these couples.
  • Visas: couples from different countries may choose to marry to hep their legal status, and to celebrate the union with friends at a later date
  • Vision: couples who want a less formal vibe often opt for a sequel wedding once the the ceremonial and legalities are complete
  • Budget:  a sequel wedding party often comes in at a lower price tag than a traditional white wedding and this is appealing to some

Read more about how our tiny weddings offer couples the opportunity to enjoy their wedding, and add a sequel!

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