Tips for planning a wedding in 30 days, or less!

September 29, 2021   | 

When you know, you know. And sometimes when you know, you’re just ready to do the dang thing already!  And when you’ve known for a while and Covid has got in the way, then you’re likely REALLY ready to do the dang thing already! And you absolutely can plan a wedding in 30 days!

  • Hire a pro: someone relatable, energetic and with good reviews! See ours here…. Wink wink.
  • Know your budget and what you value so you can apportion your dosh accordingly.  More people//less frills. Excellent. Less people//more flowers. We love that!
  • Accept a smaller guest list. More guests, more decisions, more opinions, more problems, more stress, more money. Sadly: Fact.

  • Bonus points if you skip having wedding attendants. If you are planning a wedding in 30 days you’re likely open to a few creative ideas to include all your guests in your ceremony.  Let’s chat?
  • We love to include details that really ‘talk’ to our couples. But too much DIY in a short time frame can really up the angst. Also a more intimate wedding means a more intimate space and less than lovely DIY can really glare.
  • An all inclusive option is a grand idea. Mmmm, I wonder who can offer a truly one-stop-shop…. Oh yes, we do!  Refresh your memory about our inclusion son our website here.  Note: Finding, meeting, negotiating with, paying deposits too, briefing and confirming multiple suppliers on a timeline is a task, AND a half. A ‘Polly wedding package’ includes all that you need for a wonderful wedding day, and you only deal with us, removing a layer of stress and saving oodles of time. See point 9!
  • Go digital. Choose from one of our e-mailable invitations. We have a design for everyone and we’ll throw in a digital wedding announcement too. Drop us a line and we’ll send you the options or check out our instagram reel.
  • Be decisive: Undertake a little research and trust your gut, and planner, a lot. Start your research with our Pinterest pages.
  • Lock in ‘looks’ which make you feel like the best versions of yourselves and see point 8! If you’re style stumped, reach out. We’ll connect you with some fab wedding fashionistas.
  • Ensure that your wedding will be legal!  Does your green ID or smart cards say CITIZEN?  If one or both of you aren’t citizens there are few hoops to jump. We’ll hold your hands whilst you do it.

If you’re planning a wedding in 30 days you don’t need to let go of the sentimental aspects or traditions that resonate with you. But a smaller, quicker wedding does give you license to let go of those that don’t. A mobile micro wedding with Polly is a sooper romantic, light and spontaneous experience, as with smaller, quicker weddings there are less conventions to follow, people to please and extraneous things to stress about.

We create. You celebrate!


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