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July 26, 2022   | 

Our couples overwhelmingly choose to write and recite their own wedding vows, and I do love a personalised promise.  But I’m not in the business of telling couples what they should or shouldn’t do on their big day!  Instead I’ll offer some guidance as to how to approach writing your wedding vows should you be undecided and a little nervy about it all!


  1. Agree on basic tone, format and length with your partner.  If your partner is going to go for light, teasing and funny.  And you offer up a Shakespearian-standard ode to the magnificence of your union, the balance will feel off, for you and your witnesses.  
  2. Whilst your guests, especially at a micro wedding, are very invested in supporting and celebrating your love, lengthy over personal references and too many inside jokes are best avoided in your vows to keep the inclusive mood of the event.  
  3. Start making notes early.  Snippets of memory. Words that describe your partner. Future goals.  They can all be built upon to create meaningful wedding vows.  Write a few versions until it flows and practice, practice, practice. You want to appear natural, not unprepared.
  4. Let’s get this in perspective. In the pie chart of wedding activities: settling the guest list, choosing clothing, flowers and music, be sure to apportion a respectful time to the key part of the day, the vows.  Your promises to each other are what it is actually all about after all.
  5. There is loads and loads of wedding vow inspiration to be found online.  Try to use these resources as exactly that, inspiration.  You are creating personalised vows, so make sure that they are!
  6. If you are totally stuck consider the following: 
  • Use the lyrics of a favourite song or poem as a base and build around that.
  • Start with a nod to how you met, your impression. 
  • Compliment your partner’s qualities.
  • Make your promises.
  • End with a sentence mirrored in your partner’s views for cohesion. “Thank you for choosing me”  or “Yay for us!” or “And here we are in heaven, for you are mine.”  You do you!

See links to the two packages we offer here.  BOTH allow for personalised vows!  And enjoy some wedding vow inspo on our Pinterest boards here.

Wedding Vows
Wedding Vows Pie Chart – wink wink

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