A small wedding is NOT Plan B.

January 16, 2021   | 

A small wedding is not a Plan B necessitated by Covid! Though it’s obviously impacted weddings in many ways the traditional wedding industry was being disrupted prior to Covid anyway.

Too many couples are locked out of marriage as they just can’t financially, and often don’t want to, bow to society’s expectations of a big, traditional wedding.  The US wedding industry alone is worth a whopping 75 billion dollars per year so it’s no wonder that it fuels the myth of a wedding day as ‘the best day of your life’ in order to sustain that.  Couples who don’t want to blindly follow costly traditions and feel pressure to meet family expectations of a big bash, but also don’t wish to go the impersonal route of a registry office were a bit stuck.

Sound familiar?! Enter the micro wedding or elopement.  And hear the sighs of relief from couples worldwide who want a respectful, ceremony focussed wedding that accurately reflects them and their style, and their pockets!

Tiny weddings can still be aesthetically gorgeous, often more so, as couples have more budget to spend on special details for fewer guests and they are guaranteed to be less stressful in the planning.

Covid has highlighted that marriage, and weddings, are about committing to each other, and demonstrating your love to each other, as you will need to do for the rest of your life!  Once you eliminate napkin folds and seating plans you really can focus on the ceremony, vows and including the traditions that are meaningful to you, and not those that are just routinely followed.


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