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June 26, 2020   | 

We heart this nickname for a tiny wedding – mini-mony! Pared down guest list, pared down stress points, and a nod to the lower expense that a tiny wedding calls for. A mini-mony is a tiny wedding with a limit on guests but not on love!  Mini-mony weddings are usually outdoor, and this also helps couples comply with social distancing, keeping loved ones safer from Corona whilst not losing any of the style of a larger event.  Mini-mony weddings usually include no more than about 20 guests, occasionally sometimes just the couple themselves with two witnesses, and are big on love and low on stress!  It still involves an officiant and personal ceremony, and the ‘usual’ wedding details such as stunning blooms, wedding cake, a first dance if you’d like and champagne toasts.

With plans for large celebrations on the back burner for the foreseeable future, some couples still wish to honour their dates this year. For couples not living together yet they may not wish to delay this step. For others starting a family within wedlock sooner rather than later is important, and for some after the stress of the past few months a renewal of vows or a civil ceremony is in their hearts.

There’s also no way to predict whether weddings as we know them will even be possible next year making venues and vendors reluctant to commit to big weddings and thus small ceremonies are especially appealing now because they can be adapted to whatever restrictions might be in place in a year.  But even without constraints on their guest list, couples starting to plan a wedding right around now might well find that the venues they want are booked through the end of 2021. This by itself would be enough to push some couples toward a simpler, more scaled-back, easier-to-plan wedding day.

                                                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of: Jovial Photography

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