Marriage officers. What’s in a name…?

February 15, 2021   | 

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All marriage officers in South Africa must be sponsored and supported by an organisation recognised by the Dept of Home Affairs.  Traditionally the organisations recognising by the DHA were main stream religious bodies.  The result is that individuals qualified to legally marry couples are often from a religious background.

South Africa has two main laws governing marriage: the Marriage Act of 1961 and the Civil Union Act of 2006.  The Civil Union Act enables the marriage of same sex couples.  It also opens the door for secular and minority religions to sponsor marriage officers.  Thus there are far more secular/non religious marriage officers now qualified to help you marry in the way that is the best for YOU!

We are getting to the point now!

The title of the person performing your ceremony is of no concern.  As long as they are registered under one of the two acts to perform your service and register your marriage with the DHA we’re all good!

PS: The legal consequences of a marriage under the Civil Union Act are the same as those of a marriage under the Marriage Act.



We have both religious and secular officiants as part of our team.  All are experienced in and energised by creating a ceremony that best represents you and your love story.  Full on religion, we’ve got you.  No mention at all, no probs. Small spiritual nod, cool reading or favourite song half way.  Yay!  We’re up for that!

We all agree that representing couples who’ve not walked a straight path in love are particularly rewarding to meet.  Couples involved in inter-faith, multi-racial, same sex, and later-in-life relationships, and now those whose bond has been tested by Covid stress, have often weathered many storms before getting to the ‘altar’. ⁠ Each of these love stories deserves to be celebrated and we ❤️ that we get to go along for the ride. 😍⁠

Our vow to you is craft a wedding that nods to tradition in a contemporary fashion and honours your story, no matter the law under which you are marrying or the background of the officiant.

Read a note from our marriage officer, Craig, on our blog, HERE.

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