Spotlight on our venues: Pomegranate Orchard

September 22, 2020   | 

Ganico is home to Jason and Laiken Callen, their two young sons and the 3 200 trees that comprise their pomegranate orchard!  Five acres of the super-fruit were planted in 2010 and in 2018 additional crops such as lemons, granadillas and gooseberries were added.  The goal is to turn the estate into a biodiverse food forest.  The farm is certified by Ecocert, a European accrediting agency with the highest of standards.  Ganico Estate is entirely biodynamic meaning that bats and chickens are relied upon to control pests, and provide manure. A large damn is well stocked with fish.  These provide nutrient rich water to the orchards and beehives do all the pollinating!  With the chickens and bats and bees and fish doing the all farm work for them the Cullens have time to expand into other areas: coffee, body and beauty products, workshops, farm picnics, foraging events and weddings!


‘We do, weddings’ pops Polly up in the pomegranate orchard which makes an amazing backdrop for photos summer and winter.  The farm’s event space, The Atrium, is double volume and features massive barn doors that open to a years old liquid amber tree and is a fabulous ‘blank canvas’ space in which to host a reception (for up to 30 people) on site afterwards.  Pomegranates are rich in anti-oxidants, is anti-viral, improves memory and apparently fertility too! Read more about the amazing health benefits or pomegranates here.  Chat to us about hosting your wedding at the visually stunning and unique Ganico Estate today.  And see the details of more of our venue options here.


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